Technical Education Drexel

Tech education drexel offers undergraduate and graduate diplomas in the domains of technology, engineering and business. The school can be described as prestigious financial institution and has a standing for providing high-quality education.

The Master’s in Educational Technology program at Drexel University’s University of Education focuses on developing a practical knowledge of learning sciences and educational technology applications, allowing students to create and put into action effective educational technologies just for K-12 high schools. Coursework is normally facilitated simply by faculty with recognized explore and medical specialist expertise in the field of educational technology.

Teachers seeking to loan their employment opportunities and expand their command capabilities can pursue an EdD level in Educational Management and Leadership by Drexel. The programs provides students with the know-how, skills and dispositions to resolve complex tech education drexel problems and lead transform at the person, group or perhaps organizational level.

Doctor of Education in Educational Insurance policy, Leadership and Management (EDD): The PhD in Educational Policy, Command and Operations is a unique level that combines academics together with the University’s tradition of applied learning and co-op. The program enables pupils to engage with policy and policy issues impacting education in community, national, and global situations and to check out the jobs of values and honest decision-making within just past and future policy-making processes.

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Data Science: The Bachelor of Science in Economics and Data Science is normally an interdisciplinary major that works on students with respect to the digital commerce industry and data-driven economical industry. It is curriculum combines data research with organization theory and applications.

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