Property Snagging

Property Snagging

Handover Inspection

This inspection is extremely valuable to an owner when preparing to accept handover of a new property. We will provide a detailed inspection report within 72 hours, which can then be shared with the Construction / Development Company before final signature.

Resale Inspection

Similar to the handover inspection, it provides the perfect document for both purchaser and vendor to work from to resolve any outstanding prior to final signing

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Home/property inspections prior to the expiration of the new home 1 year warranty / defect liability period will provide an authoritative list of items that need attention by the developer

Move-In / Move-Out Rental Inspection

It protects the interests of the owner and the tenants by creating an independent move in/move out document.

Solution / Failure Investigation

Fire and Safety inspection, insurance claims, bad smells, mould, unexplained damp patches, floor that are no longer flat, blocked drains, Snag & Inspect has the equipment, knowledge and expertise to investigate the problem and provide a solution.